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This is one of the very first poems I ever wrote, I was 16 years old at the time. Hope you enjoy! Hope Depression is hard; It is desperate, It is desolate, comfortless, dark Hopeless A race from the blast... Continue Reading →

A Stream of Consciousness

It's been a few days since I published anything, and I apologize for the delay! It's been a crazy couple of days with my family in town for graduation. I have a bit of time now, so I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

I’m Done

Click send on that last essay of college - Ever. Feet run out of boardwalk, I'm flying through the air, How far will I get before I hit the water Or the rocks If the tide is out. God I... Continue Reading →

Who is Happening?

Your eyes open, blink once, twice, as they adjust to the light. The ceiling comes into focus and your body is bending, upwards, away from the warmth. Bare feet on rough carpet, rough hand on cold doorknob, you walk to... Continue Reading →

A Mountainous Masquerade (Revisited)

If you remember a poem I wrote awhile ago called A Mountainous Masquerade, this is the same story but in short story form! You'll get more out of it if you understand the Greek Mythology allusions, so I encourage you... Continue Reading →

Still Goes the Scene

Still Goes the Scene Cheep, cheep go the birds Sigh, sigh goes the wind Whisper, whisper go the leaves Crunch, crunch go the feet Bark, bark go the dogs There, there! go the men Crack, snap goes the branch Thud, oof! goes the body Woah, woah! go the... Continue Reading →

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