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Atlas’ Curse

I watch from underwater, trance-like, As my fellow humans destroy our home. I watch from beneath the waves, detached, As the first world shits on the third and calls it fair.   I'm cursed with seeing life's injustices; At any... Continue Reading →

Happy Yet?

Driving through a downpour In a Texas suburb I pass Cookie cutter houses Probably with Cocoa butter hand soap; No different than the next family All controlled handily By societal expectations of happiness.   Birth - life - death, School... Continue Reading →

The Mountain Pine Beetle

Okay, so this is going to be a bit of rant, bear with me. There is an extinction level threat going on in the pine trees of the rocky mountains right this second, and nobody is talking about it. From... Continue Reading →

Cover Letter

I stare at the screen, Cursor queries, blinking: "What would you like to tell them?" What can I tell them? How do I convince a company that I'm worth something?   Here's what I'd like to write about: My dreams,... Continue Reading →

To My Heroes

What's a hero?   It's the young woman Brushing tears from her eyes So nobody sees how she cries. She pulls back her shoulders Lifts her face from her sweater And fights through the chaos inside. Every fiber screaming, Every... Continue Reading →

Dear Dad (Diamond in the Rough)

It must have been hard for you, To watch me grow up soft. Oversensitive child, crying too oft, Never as tough as what you would choose. To you, to be a man is to be hard; It's what you were... Continue Reading →

A quick little haiku

Privet makes me mad It grows where it never should Don't move species, please

Conference Update Days 4 and 5

After nine hours of travel, I'm back home for the next few days! The conference was absolutely incredible, and after I summarize the last two days I'll tell y'all my takeaways. We began day four by finishing up our biosecurity... Continue Reading →


He was five when they told him not to cry So he cut that part of him out of his life And minerals filled in the space. He was ten when they told him his laugh was annoying So he... Continue Reading →

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