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Love is Like a Fire

Sometimes I write poems to deal with my emotions #angsty

My Love Yet Unmet

She is The trebuchet to my walls, The match to my wick, The fire to my icy soul; I need her.   Soft words spoken From soft lips To soften my hard carapace, As hard as that may be; I... Continue Reading →

You Are Hope

My soul is a black hole Drinking in your light; I need your hopeful energy To dodge depression's dark bite.   Mornings when I'm chained in bed, The light of your soul cuts me free; You give me reason to... Continue Reading →


I feel it like a sneeze, This hold you have over me. The feelings build up to a crescendo Until I acknowledge them, Let them out, Write. So I here I am in bed alone, Thinking of you Again, While... Continue Reading →

Dream Girl

The beeping dispersed you like smoke in the wind, and soon I was grasping at pillows. I bumped into you in a room crowded with cliches, and the memories came rushing back. I still love you, You never stopped loving... Continue Reading →

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