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Atlas’ Curse

I watch from underwater, trance-like, As my fellow humans destroy our home. I watch from beneath the waves, detached, As the first world shits on the third and calls it fair.   I'm cursed with seeing life's injustices; At any... Continue Reading →

Tragic Desire

One of life's greatest tragedies Is that you can't choose Your desires. You can be what you want But not want what you are. Work your whole life to get there Only to find you now want here not there.... Continue Reading →

Conference Update Days 4 and 5

After nine hours of travel, I'm back home for the next few days! The conference was absolutely incredible, and after I summarize the last two days I'll tell y'all my takeaways. We began day four by finishing up our biosecurity... Continue Reading →

Back to the Grass Less Green

When we set out, it was sunny. Though low in the sky, sunbeams peeked behind the clouds and everything felt pastoral.   Through the thicket we went, sun at our backs, filling our souls like sails Over the bouncing bridge,... Continue Reading →

A Stream of Consciousness

It's been a few days since I published anything, and I apologize for the delay! It's been a crazy couple of days with my family in town for graduation. I have a bit of time now, so I thought I'd... Continue Reading →

American Anxiety

This is a literary analysis through American history, maybe you'll find it interesting! Anxiety in America Humanity as a species are filled with anxiety; our bodies are wired to react to stress and danger, but as civilization progressed – and... Continue Reading →

Who is Happening?

Your eyes open, blink once, twice, as they adjust to the light. The ceiling comes into focus and your body is bending, upwards, away from the warmth. Bare feet on rough carpet, rough hand on cold doorknob, you walk to... Continue Reading →

Human Reality

Just my latest existential crisis, no big deal. Human Reality Reality is a pretty fucked up thing. Everybody has their own version of it; Seven billion insignificant realities running around, Ruining each other.   Or is there only one Reality,... Continue Reading →

Assorted Haikus

Nature can be profound Water rushing over me I think about death   Still water runs deep But still thinkers run shallow Irony is fun

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