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Life Update

Hey guys! I just wanted to let y'all know that my posting rate is about to drop off a cliff, since I will be living in a tent for the next five weeks. I will be an expedition leader for... Continue Reading →

Conference Day Three

Today was about putting what we've learned the last two days into practice. We began the day by breaking into small groups to practice creating a mock biosecurity plan for a real situation. My group was tasked with creating a... Continue Reading →

Conference Day Two

I was right, yesterday, when I said I thought the rest of the week would be about solutions and strategies instead of problem framing! Today in biosecurity, we heard from a number of subject matter experts from around the world... Continue Reading →

Conference Update

Today was the first day of the plant biosecurity conference I'm attending this week, and I think I learned a lot! The conference is set up in a way that encourages participation, which is great because we get to hear... Continue Reading →

Back to the Grass Less Green

When we set out, it was sunny. Though low in the sky, sunbeams peeked behind the clouds and everything felt pastoral.   Through the thicket we went, sun at our backs, filling our souls like sails Over the bouncing bridge,... Continue Reading →

Another Life Update

Hey guys, I recently figured out my plans for this summer, and it's gonna be a wild ride, so I thought you might be interested in knowing too! I just graduated from college yesterday! Next week I have a week-long... Continue Reading →

The Power of Words

The Power of Words Words are like water, Running downhill to the ocean of my mouth, Flash floods and droughts having their turns, Try to cup them in your mind and they'll run out through the cracks.   Words are... Continue Reading →

A Mountainous Masquerade (Revisited)

If you remember a poem I wrote awhile ago called A Mountainous Masquerade, this is the same story but in short story form! You'll get more out of it if you understand the Greek Mythology allusions, so I encourage you... Continue Reading →

Assorted Haikus

Nature can be profound Water rushing over me I think about death   Still water runs deep But still thinkers run shallow Irony is fun

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