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A Glimpse of a Watershed

Blue-gray morning, Draped in shadows, Nothing moving; Ghostly ocean; Step outside, crunch boots on gravel, Feel the chill, heavy silence. Look up, pale sky and stark-edged land; Look down, surreal stillness and pillowed hills of white. Clouds of silver, Sit... Continue Reading →

Assorted Haikus

Feeling lazy today, so here are some haikus to keep the April streak alive.   Bullfrogs croak loudly Rain wetting spotted slick backs Watch out for herons   Snow on mountain slopes Heavy and wet on pine trees Branches pop... Continue Reading →

Siren Song

~I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still technically April 4th right?~   Let's step outside for a moment, you and I Feel that cool breeze on your skin, Those gentle drops shattering like ice on your upturned face... Continue Reading →


They're relentless really, This wolf pack in my mind. They've got the scent, And I must reek of it.   I escaped once, Two years of looking over my shoulder, Memories of dark dread Clouding clear summer days.   But... Continue Reading →

The Calm After the Storm

Hunched On a damp roof, I listen to the silence; A breeze ruffles the trees, An AC unit powers down; The silence is more complete   I drive my fist through the dry plaster With the raw power of my... Continue Reading →

Some pictures from my summer job!

Interior of my tentProtruding bricks from an early buildingThe wolf spider I named Cleatus who lived in one of the portapottiesThe turtle I named Sebastian who hung around the kitchenSome of the middle schoolers getting their hands dirty and their... Continue Reading →

A Long Damn Night

I knew the forecast called for storms. That’s why I emptied the can of waterproofing on the canvas of my tent. I knew the forecast called for storms, but not like this. Ever since the sun went down the air... Continue Reading →

A quick little haiku

Privet makes me mad It grows where it never should Don't move species, please

Listening to Depression’s Lies

Today I failed. I failed on numerous levels, but there's one fail I'm the least proud of. I listened to my depression's lie. First: some background. As many of you may be aware, I am currently living out of a... Continue Reading →

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