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National Poetry Month

Icy Dreams

Icy Dreams Like breaking the surface Of icy water in cold sun, Dazzled by the white marbling, The shocking change of Temperature, Pressure, Noise, Light -- I wake up.   An instant transition from One nightmare to the next. Underwater... Continue Reading →

Hidden Treasure

  Hidden Treasure I wish I could care About anyone but you. I know it's there; I know its value, That thing you've taken From deep within me. Apparently I require a pen To let the world see What even... Continue Reading →

Why Were You Special?

Since I will be driving a car for the entirety of tomorrow, I will post tomorrow's poem tonight. This is what I came up with today after therapy when my therapist asked me to try to figure out what was... Continue Reading →

What I’m Looking For

What I'm Looking For I'm looking for something, Can you help me find it? I'm not sure when I had it last; It wasn't high school, Staying up nights struggling to stay alive, Feeling worth less than the pencil shavings... Continue Reading →

Still Goes the Scene

Still Goes the Scene Cheep, cheep go the birds Sigh, sigh goes the wind Whisper, whisper go the leaves Crunch, crunch go the feet Bark, bark go the dogs There, there! go the men Crack, snap goes the branch Thud, oof! goes the body Woah, woah! go the... Continue Reading →

My name is…

My name is... Feet like lead Tongue like cotton Heart like hammer Face like fire Will like iron Moves feet like lead Thoughts like knot Move tongue like cotton "Hey, care to dance? My name is..." Shit, wrong order. Heart... Continue Reading →

Solipsistic Sonder

Solipsistic Sonder I've always understood my own cosmic insignificance; As a child I thought that each subatomic particle was a world, That Earth was just an electron in some greater atomic galaxy, That even that galaxy was just a speck... Continue Reading →

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Man Period (Testosterone)

Man Period (Testosterone) It's that old familiar feeling: Muscles clench, teeth grit, eyes narrow. My body craves it now, Though I never give it what it wants.   Action, contact, violence, Doesn't matter where from. There's a restless energy inside,... Continue Reading →

What’s the difference?

Totally almost forgot to write today's poem! Let's see what I can come up with off the top of my head in the next few minutes, just for funsies.   What's the difference? When my mind slows enough to hear... Continue Reading →

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