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National Poetry Month


They're relentless really, This wolf pack in my mind. They've got the scent, And I must reek of it.   I escaped once, Two years of looking over my shoulder, Memories of dark dread Clouding clear summer days.   But... Continue Reading →

The Power of Words

The Power of Words Words are like water, Running downhill to the ocean of my mouth, Flash floods and droughts having their turns, Try to cup them in your mind and they'll run out through the cracks.   Words are... Continue Reading →

Human Reality

Just my latest existential crisis, no big deal. Human Reality Reality is a pretty fucked up thing. Everybody has their own version of it; Seven billion insignificant realities running around, Ruining each other.   Or is there only one Reality,... Continue Reading →

When You Were Whole

When You Were Whole The moment of impact Lights flash spasmodically, colorful. Time warps faster and slower, But no one else notices. You're underwater, but so is the ringing, The people above you are urgent, but they're on the surface,... Continue Reading →

Assorted Haikus

Nature can be profound Water rushing over me I think about death   Still water runs deep But still thinkers run shallow Irony is fun

An Ode to Scott Pruitt

This is in light of the new 'Transparency Rule' stating that science cannot be used in policy making unless all the raw data is available (ignoring the existence of privacy laws in medical and psychological research), I decided to write... Continue Reading →

Know the Worth of Your Heart

I'll give you a hint: I'm the him. My therapist told me to figure out what made my one love special; I've been thinking all week and need an answer by tomorrow, so there may be another poem coming from... Continue Reading →

Emotional Control

Hey guys! I wrote this piece intending to read it at a slam poetry competition next Monday! I've never written or performed a slam poem, and am actually pretty new to the world of poetry, so if any of you... Continue Reading →

How to be a Man

How to be a Man When I was three years old, I would berate myself When sent to my room. "So stupid! I'm a bad kid!" My mother wanted to comfort me, But my father preferred to let me work... Continue Reading →

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