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Forever and Always

As I look at you on the little dim screen, So many hundreds of miles away, You cover your mouth so I won't see The painful twist that's all because of me. I don't need to see your mouth, I... Continue Reading →


I feel it like a sneeze, This hold you have over me. The feelings build up to a crescendo Until I acknowledge them, Let them out, Write. So I here I am in bed alone, Thinking of you Again, While... Continue Reading →

In Love with This Moment

Another sip of white lightning tears its way down my throat, Settles hotly in my stomach. The world takes longer to load into my brain like this; I grasp at thoughts like the strings of escaping balloons, But I'm not... Continue Reading →

Self Reflection

I was recently challenged to describe my own writing, and I realized I have no idea how to. So, logically, I'm going to write about my writing to try to figure it out. After reading a bunch of my pieces,... Continue Reading →

He Saw Her

So I'm a tad bit tipsy right now, and I'm about to write a purely fictional piece about my version of the epitome of trauma. I have a vague idea of what I'll write about, but otherwise it'll be a surprise to... Continue Reading →

Dream Girl

The beeping dispersed you like smoke in the wind, and soon I was grasping at pillows. I bumped into you in a room crowded with cliches, and the memories came rushing back. I still love you, You never stopped loving... Continue Reading →

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