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What the hell, might as well

"What the hell, might as well" Were not the words I wanted to hear As you lean in Impossible beauty in slow motion Ringing my bell Again.   On the last night Before I leave this town indefinitely You are... Continue Reading →

Sweet Nothing

He lays on the table, unable to move. Awake and aware and scared, eyes rove around the room frantically looking for something to find but there’s nothing. They open him, painlessly and wordlessly extricating, cataloging the contents of his soul.... Continue Reading →

Love is Like a Fire

Sometimes I write poems to deal with my emotions #angsty

What is Life Worth?

*Trigger Warning* Self-harm and suicidal ideas depiction   This is from the darkest part of my life, I feel so lucky to have made the progress that I did since then. I wish none of you could relate, but I'm... Continue Reading →

The Mountain Pine Beetle

Okay, so this is going to be a bit of rant, bear with me. There is an extinction level threat going on in the pine trees of the rocky mountains right this second, and nobody is talking about it. From... Continue Reading →

One Missed Dose

Crying out for help But it comes out garbled Like I'm underwater And I can't hear if there's a reply Because all the voices are muted, Watercolor smears of sound.   Withdrawal is a thick pane of glass Between the... Continue Reading →

My Love Yet Unmet

She is The trebuchet to my walls, The match to my wick, The fire to my icy soul; I need her.   Soft words spoken From soft lips To soften my hard carapace, As hard as that may be; I... Continue Reading →

Fast Lane

He left the room. He left it too soon, And with tension yet unrelieved, Taut as a steel cable Attaching him To her.   He got in the car. Slamming the door, Stomping the clutch, And throwing the lever to... Continue Reading →

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A Periodic Perspective

Float In the sea. The periodicity Of the waves combine With the bobbing of your mind To create a certain calm. Hold up your palm And look at it: See. See the edge Of hand and earth, One shiny, one... Continue Reading →

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