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Puzzle Pieces of Brokenness

When I walked into the bathroom she was huddled in the corner, knees to chest, a beautiful mess. Her right hand gripped a stained razor, while crimson pain spilled from her left wrist, palm up, shamefully showing the world what... Continue Reading →

Forever and Always

As I look at you on the little dim screen, So many hundreds of miles away, You cover your mouth so I won't see The painful twist that's all because of me. I don't need to see your mouth, I... Continue Reading →

The Monster Inside

Crouched in her element: Damp darkness so thick she could bite off a piece, Roll it around in her mouth, Taste it, Chew it. When swallowed, It joins the inky blackness in her gut. It was her second favorite meal.... Continue Reading →

Icy Dreams

Icy Dreams Like breaking the surface Of icy water in cold sun, Dazzled by the white marbling, The shocking change of Temperature, Pressure, Noise, Light -- I wake up.   An instant transition from One nightmare to the next. Underwater... Continue Reading →

Still Goes the Scene

Still Goes the Scene Cheep, cheep go the birds Sigh, sigh goes the wind Whisper, whisper go the leaves Crunch, crunch go the feet Bark, bark go the dogs There, there! go the men Crack, snap goes the branch Thud, oof! goes the body Woah, woah! go the... Continue Reading →


Directionless A Leaf falls In a still lake. Smooth ripples expand To infinity. The leaf spins, Slowly turning, Directionless and Purposeless, Just Existing.

Embracing Silence

Day 6 of National Poetry month and it's getting difficult. I'm running out of material so I'm having to get creative. I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me! Hope you enjoy! Embracing Silence The world is too much.... Continue Reading →

Blood and Roses

Written in 10th grade as an exercise in vivid imagery, about a middle school race

Time Master Turtle

A turtle is single-minded. Carrying his house on his back, he need not even plan a route home. When presented with danger, he does not bother deciding whether to fight or flee, he simply retreats into his armor, and waits... Continue Reading →

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