Shiny Objects

Rambling ruminations



Self Reflection

I was recently challenged to describe my own writing, and I realized I have no idea how to. So, logically, I'm going to write about my writing to try to figure it out. After reading a bunch of my pieces,... Continue Reading →

Conference Day Two

I was right, yesterday, when I said I thought the rest of the week would be about solutions and strategies instead of problem framing! Today in biosecurity, we heard from a number of subject matter experts from around the world... Continue Reading →

Eviction Notice

Vibrations in my hands, Sun and sweat on my back, Aroma of gasoline and cut grass in my nose, Violent droning in my ears, And bitter taste in my mouth.   I've decided. Here, now, in this yard, I've decided.... Continue Reading →

The Power of Words

The Power of Words Words are like water, Running downhill to the ocean of my mouth, Flash floods and droughts having their turns, Try to cup them in your mind and they'll run out through the cracks.   Words are... Continue Reading →


So it turns out writing a poem with primarily just Q words is really difficult. I gave up trying to have it mean anything pretty quickly! It ended up just being fun and quirky.   The quirky quail quacks quickly,... Continue Reading →

Blood and Roses

Written in 10th grade as an exercise in vivid imagery, about a middle school race

Time Master Turtle

A turtle is single-minded. Carrying his house on his back, he need not even plan a route home. When presented with danger, he does not bother deciding whether to fight or flee, he simply retreats into his armor, and waits... Continue Reading →

I Can Fix It

Fun little story based loosely on real events

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