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Conference Update Days 4 and 5

After nine hours of travel, I'm back home for the next few days! The conference was absolutely incredible, and after I summarize the last two days I'll tell y'all my takeaways. We began day four by finishing up our biosecurity... Continue Reading →

Conference Day Three

Today was about putting what we've learned the last two days into practice. We began the day by breaking into small groups to practice creating a mock biosecurity plan for a real situation. My group was tasked with creating a... Continue Reading →

Conference Day Two

I was right, yesterday, when I said I thought the rest of the week would be about solutions and strategies instead of problem framing! Today in biosecurity, we heard from a number of subject matter experts from around the world... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Scott Pruitt

This is in light of the new 'Transparency Rule' stating that science cannot be used in policy making unless all the raw data is available (ignoring the existence of privacy laws in medical and psychological research), I decided to write... Continue Reading →

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