Shiny Objects

Rambling ruminations



A Glimpse of a Watershed

Blue-gray morning, Draped in shadows, Nothing moving; Ghostly ocean; Step outside, crunch boots on gravel, Feel the chill, heavy silence. Look up, pale sky and stark-edged land; Look down, surreal stillness and pillowed hills of white. Clouds of silver, Sit... Continue Reading →

The Mountain Pine Beetle

Okay, so this is going to be a bit of rant, bear with me. There is an extinction level threat going on in the pine trees of the rocky mountains right this second, and nobody is talking about it. From... Continue Reading →

A Periodic Perspective

Float In the sea. The periodicity Of the waves combine With the bobbing of your mind To create a certain calm. Hold up your palm And look at it: See. See the edge Of hand and earth, One shiny, one... Continue Reading →

A quick little haiku

Privet makes me mad It grows where it never should Don't move species, please

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