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The Edge of Uncertainty

The Edge of Uncertainty   The man stood, relaxed, at the edge of uncertainty. The black water below him seethed against the sharp rocks, hungry. It was almost 300 meters from that black water, up the side of the volcanic... Continue Reading →


They're relentless really, This wolf pack in my mind. They've got the scent, And I must reek of it.   I escaped once, Two years of looking over my shoulder, Memories of dark dread Clouding clear summer days.   But... Continue Reading →

He Saw Her

So I'm a tad bit tipsy right now, and I'm about to write a purely fictional piece about my version of the epitome of trauma. I have a vague idea of what I'll write about, but otherwise it'll be a surprise to... Continue Reading →


This is one of the very first poems I ever wrote, I was 16 years old at the time. Hope you enjoy! Hope Depression is hard; It is desperate, It is desolate, comfortless, dark Hopeless A race from the blast... Continue Reading →

Still Goes the Scene

Still Goes the Scene Cheep, cheep go the birds Sigh, sigh goes the wind Whisper, whisper go the leaves Crunch, crunch go the feet Bark, bark go the dogs There, there! go the men Crack, snap goes the branch Thud, oof! goes the body Woah, woah! go the... Continue Reading →

What’s the difference?

Totally almost forgot to write today's poem! Let's see what I can come up with off the top of my head in the next few minutes, just for funsies.   What's the difference? When my mind slows enough to hear... Continue Reading →

Manic Control

Manic Control Sometimes I feel higher than high; Going 120 down a gravel drive, Each jolt brings me close to death, But it’s fine if I don’t catch my breath.   Sometimes I feel lower than low; Crushed and broken... Continue Reading →

Through Thick and Thin

Here's another poetic prose/vignette piece! The prompt was to take an idiom and bring it to life; I picked "through thick and thin" and then another one wiggled its way into the writing towards the end. I hope you enjoy!... Continue Reading →

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Effervescent Evanescence

Effervescent Evanescence   Glass voices from the hollow shade of intimate corners, Hope borne by your marble shoulders Killed cleanly, drowned by Death’s perpetual river.   Your iridescent laughter from behind the columns, Stone kisses in the swollen light made... Continue Reading →

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