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Time Master Turtle

A turtle is single-minded. Carrying his house on his back, he need not even plan a route home. When presented with danger, he does not bother deciding whether to fight or flee, he simply retreats into his armor, and waits... Continue Reading →

Dear Dad (Diamond in the Rough)

It must have been hard for you, To watch me grow up soft. Oversensitive child, crying too oft, Never as tough as what you would choose. To you, to be a man is to be hard; It's what you were... Continue Reading →


He was five when they told him not to cry So he cut that part of him out of his life And minerals filled in the space. He was ten when they told him his laugh was annoying So he... Continue Reading →


Dear Mom, You made me. Provided the raw material, lit the forge, and hammered away. Skilled craftswoman though you are, you were a little too ambitious. You've heated me and hammered me, over and over, a rock and hard place,... Continue Reading →

Solipsistic Sonder

Solipsistic Sonder I've always understood my own cosmic insignificance; As a child I thought that each subatomic particle was a world, That Earth was just an electron in some greater atomic galaxy, That even that galaxy was just a speck... Continue Reading →

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Blood and Roses

Written in 10th grade as an exercise in vivid imagery, about a middle school race

I Can Fix It

Fun little story based loosely on real events

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