Shiny Objects

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The Phantom of the Mind

They're with me always, Scuttling around in the mezzanine of my mind. I know where they've been, But not where they are; Footprints in the patina, Puffs of dust in the rust, Denting, dimpling the ducts. Sometimes I hear them,... Continue Reading →

What’s the difference?

Totally almost forgot to write today's poem! Let's see what I can come up with off the top of my head in the next few minutes, just for funsies.   What's the difference? When my mind slows enough to hear... Continue Reading →

Manic Control

Manic Control Sometimes I feel higher than high; Going 120 down a gravel drive, Each jolt brings me close to death, But it’s fine if I don’t catch my breath.   Sometimes I feel lower than low; Crushed and broken... Continue Reading →

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