Shiny Objects

Rambling ruminations




They're relentless really, This wolf pack in my mind. They've got the scent, And I must reek of it.   I escaped once, Two years of looking over my shoulder, Memories of dark dread Clouding clear summer days.   But... Continue Reading →

In Love with This Moment

Another sip of white lightning tears its way down my throat, Settles hotly in my stomach. The world takes longer to load into my brain like this; I grasp at thoughts like the strings of escaping balloons, But I'm not... Continue Reading →


He was five when they told him not to cry So he cut that part of him out of his life And minerals filled in the space. He was ten when they told him his laugh was annoying So he... Continue Reading →

Dream Girl

The beeping dispersed you like smoke in the wind, and soon I was grasping at pillows. I bumped into you in a room crowded with cliches, and the memories came rushing back. I still love you, You never stopped loving... Continue Reading →

Save Me

It was two years, one month, and three days ago now, That I made that fulcrum decision. And for two years, one month, and three days now, I've been wondering if it was the right one.   You might have... Continue Reading →

I Think of You

I think of you while Parked, Surrounded by running engines In a 70 mph speed limit zone. Too impatient, you say? Well what about now?   I think of you while While the bar tries To crush my throat But... Continue Reading →

What I’m Looking For

What I'm Looking For I'm looking for something, Can you help me find it? I'm not sure when I had it last; It wasn't high school, Staying up nights struggling to stay alive, Feeling worth less than the pencil shavings... Continue Reading →

Man Period (Testosterone)

Man Period (Testosterone) It's that old familiar feeling: Muscles clench, teeth grit, eyes narrow. My body craves it now, Though I never give it what it wants.   Action, contact, violence, Doesn't matter where from. There's a restless energy inside,... Continue Reading →

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