The empties are all around us

They walk and talk like confidence

But that is simply to fool us


People consumed by pettiness

They care more for appearance

The newest style,

The coolest friends,


Love to them is not happiness


When the mask falls down

She is shrunken, unhappy

Her life wasted tricking the world;

But that was the mask

She did nothing for herself,

Only the mask

And the master of the mask is really the slave

And the mask has friends

And the mask has faith

And the mask has joy

And she has none

And the mask is pretty

And the mask is tough

And the mask is perfect

And she is not


She cloaks herself in happiness;

Takes pride in prettiness

But the boys care not for her soul

Just the package in which she comes

And her friends care not for her

Just the weight of her name

And beneath the beauty

Beneath the joy

Beneath the name

Beneath the confidence

It is not the same.


There is just a girl.

Just a girl strangled by

Her cloak and mask

Scared of life

Worried about college,

And boys,

And friends.

She is just a girl,

With the same worries

As all the rest.


But the cloak drags her down;

She struggles to swim,

To keep her head above water;

Above her own reputation

And life is hard

And life is tough

And nobody wants her

To be strong enough

To cast off her costume

Of glamour and lust

And be what she is:

A girl with a dream.


A dream full of love,

Full of trust and the truth

Where her life is of value

Of more than her looks,

More than her name

And she can be who she is:

A girl who cares.


She cares more for life,

Than for the newest faux fashion

She wants to be known for

Following her passions