An attempt at writing in choliambic meter, a meter pioneered by Hipponax, falling in the genre of iambus poetry. Hope you enjoy!

Jealous Hera

Jealous Hera, stop punishing the blameless,

For what you had has gone, forsaken you.

Gods once bent their knees to you,

When by Zeus’ side you sat with grace,

The picture of supportive wife, Queen of Olympia.

You had the ear of the most high,

The respect, the envy, of powers supreme,

Indeed, gods once bent their knees to you.

Now they do not envy you; you, petty, must not feud:

Do not punish the one who cries,

But sanction the one who did the deed.

Are corpses punished for their murders?

Are baubles punished for their theft,

Or bastards for their parents’ sin?

Woe to you, bitter woman! What life is one of feud?

To give new chances to one who breaks your faith,

Is fine at first, but when again and again,

Begins to become the definition of insanity.


Seriously though Hera, stop trying to kill your husband’s illegitimate children; just dump him already.