Blue-gray morning,
Draped in shadows,
Nothing moving;
Ghostly ocean;

Step outside, crunch boots on gravel,
Feel the chill, heavy silence.
Look up, pale sky and stark-edged land;
Look down, surreal stillness and pillowed hills of white.

Clouds of silver,
Sit in silence,
Earthly breathing;

Stand alone, cool wind whistles
Feel the mist, wet pinpricks on skin.
Stars in a finite universe,
Caged in, guarded by ancient titans

Snowy mountains,
Scarred behemoths
Feed unseen streams;

Feel the immensity, invincible pride;
Green-furred flanks painted pale,
Stalwart against the coming light;
Respect the primeval losing fight.

Bright white sun breaks
Sharp edged titans;
Silver threads emerge,
Converge on one;

Trace the lines like cracks in glass;
Insignificant tangles from here,
See them teem, vivacious with life;
Tumultuous tumble towards tomorrow.