~I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s still technically April 4th right?~


Let’s step outside for a moment, you and I

Feel that cool breeze on your skin,

Those gentle drops shattering like ice on your upturned face

See those impossible stars through the rain,

So many hieroglyphs awaiting their translator

A peaceful invitation to leave safety at home.


Let’s stroll a little farther,

Watch your step on those rain-slick stones,

Don’t get caught on those thorny vines.

Hear wind hiss through trees,

Bullfrog choir belt over snare-drum rain.

It’s a noisy silence, this acidic night,

And there are none but us to hear it.


Come deeper now, into my kingdom,

Don’t mind the baleful eyes,

The crimson thistles nagging at your feet,

The frigid light in the inky black night.

You’ll have to shout now,

Over the stormy crescendo,

But there’s nobody near to hear you.