Flat on my back,

Sweating but swaddled

Thirsty but drinkless

Hungry but foodless

Fidgety but motionless,


So many problems with so many simple solutions

Alarm clock screaming from miles away

Who knew it took this much effort to exist?


These chains in my brain just keep getting stronger

And as much as I strain I just can’t break my bondage


I’m late for work – again.

And I want to explain that it takes a Herculean effort

Just to turn on the goddamn light

So how am I supposed to

Get up

Get dressed

Get food

Brush teeth

Pack lunch

Walk to car

Drive to work

When I can’t even turn off that alarm that must be somewhere in the next county?


“Sure sounds like laziness to me”


Okay but I’m broke

Not because I don’t have any money

But because I have not deposited a paycheck in three months.

Somehow that basic need is too much effort.


I skipped dinner twice this week;

How is the kitchen that far away?


Is the cure for laziness really just self-control?

What about the cure for executive dysfunction?

Is that the same thing but with an excuse for a name?


Every solution requires an action

But these chains won’t let me move

And I’m no Samson

All I can do is silently scream for help