I just realized I haven’t updated y’all on what was going on in my life since the beginning of the summer, and a lot has happened since then!

Perhaps most importantly, I got a job that I am really excited about! I will be working for the state of California as a conservation biologist in the Shasta-Trinity national forest for the next 11 months (then I’m out of work again lol). I’m really optimistic that this job will be a good jumping off point for my career, giving me the experience that every entry-level job wants to see. I start next month, but I’m moving out there earlier.

Speaking of moving, I packed most of my belongings into my little compact sedan and left Tampa, Florida on Friday morning. I’ve got friends scattered across the country so I’m couch surfing across the USA. I made it Boulder, Colorado last night after driving 13 hours from Dallas and I’m writing this post from CU Boulder’s library right now while my friend is at work. It’s a damn good thing I love to drive, or this trip might be miserable. As it is, I’m absolutely loving the opportunity to see parts of the country I never have before, and I always love the quiet alone time I get when I drive and it’s already spawned one poem (Happy Yet?). I’ve got two days of driving left and then I need to find somewhere to live.

You read that right. I’m moving 3200 miles across the country without knowing where I’ll be living at the end of it. Turns out, there’s not a whole lot of housing available in Trinity County, CA, so I’m having a rough go of it trying to find a rental online. I have my tent with me and the weather is still nice enough that I can make that work for awhile, but housing will be my biggest stressor until I can get that figured out.

So anyway, that’s what’s happening in my life right now! Hope y’all are doing well, and I apologize for how sporadic my posting is becoming; it’s a bit of a chaotic time in my life.