Stand in the pouring rain,

Arms outstretched,

Face to sky,

Reveling in the sensation of it.



Walk in the scorching heat,

Hand in slimy hand,

Brows channeling rivulets around eyes,

Experiencing the hardship of it.



Sit on the coarse lawn,

Arms bit by bugs,

Legs scraped by plants,

Feeling the life around you.



Run after that bus,

Lungs creaking,

Knees popping,

Maintaining the proximity of your heart to her’s as long as you can.



Breathe in through your nose,

Eyes closed,

Legs crossed,

Concentrating on the within for once.



Scream what you want to scream,

Words tearing at your throat,

Tears clawing at your eyes,

Fighting for a love you don’t believe in.



Lay on the frozen ground,

Ice in your lashes,

Wind biting at your face,

Harmonizing your heart with the weather.



Live every day,

Experiencing all of life,

Even the parts you don’t want to,

Learning what it is to be human.