Crying out for help

But it comes out garbled

Like I’m underwater

And I can’t hear if there’s a reply

Because all the voices are muted,

Watercolor smears of sound.


Withdrawal is a thick pane of glass

Between the world and my mind,

My thoughts kicking my conscious

To the passenger seat,

An unwilling spectator to my own world,

Unable to participate.


One missed dose

And the world is in slow motion,

But lagging like YouTube on dial-up nonetheless.

Frame rate, clarity drop

I’m vaguely aware of the world happening,

But it’s not happening to me.


Reach my hand out to feel the stream of time

But I feel nothing.

Ears ringing, eyes struggling to focus,

I ask a question,

Comes out twisty and circular,

Forgetful of the beginning of the sentence,

And then can’t listen to the answer.


Six times and a nervous laugh later,

End of conversation.


Take me home. Anyone.