I stare at the screen,

Cursor queries, blinking:

“What would you like to tell them?”

What can I tell them?

How do I convince a company that I’m worth something?


Here’s what I’d like to write about:

My dreams,

My career goals,

What I could learn from the job,

Why I think I’d like the job,

How badly I need this fucking job –

All about me.

Not about my education,

Not about my experience,

Not about my skills and expertise;

Those things aren’t me,

And honestly?

A job never will be me.


Instead I write

Something about experience

Something about education

Something about willingness to learn

Something about how they’re my dream job?

This is the fifteenth job I’ve applied to…

Since lunch.


If I knew what to write,

Maybe I wouldn’t be moving

Back in with my parents,

With an able body,

A BS in Microbiology,

A willingness – a desire, really –

To work hard, for bad pay even.


It feels so unfair,

When an entry-level position seeks

1-3 years of experience,

When I spend two hours on an application

That’s discarded with barely a glance,

When I get my hopes up again

And dash them against cold reality,


And again

And again

And again

And again.





P.S. Please hire me.