She is

The trebuchet to my walls,

The match to my wick,

The fire to my icy soul;

I need her.


Soft words spoken

From soft lips

To soften my hard carapace,

As hard as that may be;

I need her.


Someone to protect

If only symbolically,

An ear to listen without

The fear of judgement;

I need her.


Someone to cling to

In the waves and in the night,

In front of the camera and behind backs,

Someone to occupy my restless hands;

I need her.


On the road getting sleepy,

Someone to talk to about nothing,

My copilot, my navigator,

My partner in crime;

I need her.


I don’t know who she is,

I don’t know what she looks like,

I don’t know when we’ll meet,

All I know right now is that

I need her.