What’s a hero?


It’s the young woman

Brushing tears from her eyes

So nobody sees how she cries.

She pulls back her shoulders

Lifts her face from her sweater

And fights through the chaos inside.

Every fiber screaming,

Every instinct urging,

Yet forward still surging

She goes.

Conquering the fight and the flight,

The doubt and the fear,

She can’t see through the tears

As she finally tells him goodbye

‘Cause she knows she deserves more than lies.


It’s the young man,

Gravel stabbing his hip,

He’s biting his lip

So acidic words he won’t spit.

Eye swelling from fist;

He’s pissed,

But he wrestles the demons inside;

He stays.

He’s ignoring the sting,

He knows he can’t swing;

He refuses to end up like his dad.

So he chokes out “I’m sorry”

‘Cause he knows he deserves more from this life.