Interior of my tentProtruding bricks from an early buildingThe wolf spider I named Cleatus who lived in one of the portapottiesThe turtle I named Sebastian who hung around the kitchenSome of the middle schoolers getting their hands dirty and their feet wetThree of the iron nails I found in my unitThree more artifacts from my unit (two pieces of ceramic handles, and a piece of clear bottle glass)Three of the bigger pieces of ceramic I found in my unit, two blue transfer print, and a black transfer print (my favorite kind)Some of the mushrooms I found near my tent (I identified these as Amanita jacksonii, if anyone knows otherwise, please correct me!)The boys’ side of campOur outdoor showersMy tent from the outside, with the dining fly barely visible behind itSome of the sifters we used to screen the dirt, with the kitchen trailer and fly and the dining fly visible in the backgroundOne of the dig locationsI hope you all enjoyed getting to see what I’ve been up to for the last month or so! I couldn’t post as much as I wanted due to lack of free time and lack of internet access, but I had a blast and got paid doing it!