My soul is a black hole

Drinking in your light;

I need your hopeful energy

To dodge depression’s dark bite.


Mornings when I’m chained in bed,

The light of your soul cuts me free;

You give me reason to live,

Saying the darkness isn’t me.


When I walk listless down the street,

Eyes and shoulders a solemn demonstration,

Your bubbling gait wakes me up,

Bouncing brown curls my happy revelation.


Your sweet tongue does more for me

Than mine ever has or ever will;

Your smile saves me without effort.

You are joy, tan legs swinging with cute butt on the sill.


You are everything I’m not,

And everything I need.

I just hope the dark in me,

Can’t douse your fiery seed.


I am darkness and you are light;

Our opposites are too magnetic,

Light got too close to my black hole

And no escape will be enough, no matter how frenetic.


You’re exactly what I need,

So it’s just too bad

That I can’t keep myself from destroying

Everything good that I’ve ever had.