As I look at you on the little dim screen,

So many hundreds of miles away,

You cover your mouth so I won’t see

The painful twist that’s all because of me.

I don’t need to see your mouth,

I see plenty of pain in your soft brown eyes,

And in the tear tracks on your soft pink cheeks.


“You said forever and always;

Were you lying all those times?”

I said what I meant,

I meant what I said,

Being wrong has never hurt this much,

And I’m petrified of the consequences

If I was right after all.


It hurts me to hurt you;

I’m stepping backward off a cliff

As I wistfully blow you one last kiss,

And watch the chain through my heart,

Anchored to the tree of your soul,

Lose slack in slow motion.

It hurts me to tear my heart out of my chest.


You don’t have me anymore,

But you’ll always have my heart,

Tethered, dangling limply over the edge of the abyss.

I continue without it,

Searching futilely for ragged replacement,

But I’ve thrown myself away from you,

And your soul stood stronger than my heart.