I feel it like a sneeze,

This hold you have over me.

The feelings build up to a crescendo

Until I acknowledge them,

Let them out,


So I here I am in bed alone,

Thinking of you


While you lie next to him,

Hand on his chest,

Your child just a room away.

You have your family,

And all I have are


They come to me unbidden,

As I struggle to keep them hidden.

No one can know that I am still yours.

I’ll be with someone else,

Temporary rush of pleasure and hormones

Yielding to your face where her’s should be;

Twinkling eyes, smiling up at me,

“Did that feel good baby?”

And I fall back into your arms.

I want nothing so much as to fall for someone new,

But that’s impossible to do

When every move she makes,

Every mouth I taste,

Every smile I fake,

Reminds me of you.

(Image belongs to Shawn Coss on DeviantArt)