It was two years, one month, and three days ago now,

That I made that fulcrum decision.

And for two years, one month, and three days now,

I’ve been wondering if it was the right one.


You might have loved me,

But I think you loved the idea of me.

You got married a year later;

Was it me you wanted, or just a man who cared?


I definitely loved you,

But I know you were all kinds of wrong for me.

I’ve been broken since then,

And I don’t know who to blame.


Was it me and my lofty decision-making?

Or you and your sweet nothings,

Your sweet lips and soft skin smelling like summer citrus?

You saved me, and now I need saving from you.


You walled off my heart around you,

But you forgot to leave me the key.

I bet you don’t know you broke me,

I know you’d care if you did.


I’m looking for the Ariadne to my Theseus,

But I’ll never leave you on Naxos.

I’m looking for my Ariadne to save me;

I’ll never let go of your thread.