Hey guys, I recently figured out my plans for this summer, and it’s gonna be a wild ride, so I thought you might be interested in knowing too!

I just graduated from college yesterday! Next week I have a week-long conference in Kansas that will give me a certification that will hopefully strengthen my resume. This is a little scary because I’ll be travelling there without knowing a single other soul that will be in attendance, and little old me is bad at making friends (too much of a wallflower for it). Hopefully it’ll be worth it in the end and help me land a permanent job.

On the topic of jobs, I start my first of the summer a few days after I get back from Kansas; I will be a camp counselor for an archaeology camp for middle and high schoolers. A big part of my job will be setting up the canvas tents and maintaining the primitive camp, while making sure some idiot doesn’t try to chase a venomous snake or something. I’ll be living in a tent for 6 weeks without air conditioning in an Alabama summer (read: absolutely sweltering).

The camp ends near the beginning of July, and I will be driving to meet my family at the beach for a least a day because my grandparents want to take family photos (typical). After driving eight hours there and eight hours back, I will pack up and move to Ohio for a research lab assistant job for a few weeks. At some point, I will need to drive back down to Alabama and fully move out of my apartment in Alabama, which will be tough because it is 10 hours from my job in Ohio and 10 additional hours in the other direction from my parents house, which is where I’ll need to store my stuff until I can find a long term apartment. By my math, that’s somewhere around 6,000 miles of driving in about three weeks.

Complicating matters, I don’t know where I’ll be living for my job in Ohio; I have some friends in the area from high school and I’m hoping one of them will let me crash on the couch for a few weeks. And after the research lab job is over, I’m out of employment. Still applying like mad to anything that my credentials even tangentially fit, but hoping real hard that a job that I applied to in California pans out. This job is for 10 months (apparently I hate long-term job security), and pays like dirt, but will give me the experience necessary to break into the career field I’m most interested in (Environmental science with a focus on ecological conservation). If I get that, I’ll have under a month to find an apartment in California, move there, and buy a new car, because the job will require some off-road capabilities and my little stick-shift Honda Civic wouldn’t make it. Plus the Civic will have a crazy amount of miles on it after driving 6,000 miles in July and then 2,000 more clear across the country!

So, it’s an exciting time in my life, but more than a little chaotic. I’m looking forward to finding out about my next step in life!