I’ll give you a hint: I’m the him. My therapist told me to figure out what made my one love special; I’ve been thinking all week and need an answer by tomorrow, so there may be another poem coming from that contemplation, or there may not! Either way, hope you enjoy this one!

Know the Worth of Your Heart

Beware of him, be cautious;

He doesn’t want you, he wants what you symbolize.

Through you, he hopes to find an archetype,

But in you, he cares not what he finds.

No matter how broken, how toxic you are,

He will try to gain your heart,

Hoping it will be the key to his own.

Don’t give it to him; lock it in a safe,

But don’t lose the key.

Help him find his; you may trade keys if found.

Sure, he’ll treat you right, treat you sweet,

Sure, he’ll be there for you always,

But think of the trade objectively:

Your time, your love, your heart, your body, your hopes, your happiness, for

His time, and his hopes.

Don’t make that trade until you know he has more to offer.

Careful now, with your heart,

Know its worth, and settle for nothing less.