Totally almost forgot to write today’s poem! Let’s see what I can come up with off the top of my head in the next few minutes, just for funsies.


What’s the difference?

When my mind slows enough to hear one thought above every other,

It always defaults to dark.

Is the cacophonous racing of images and impulses better than

The quiet, focused dark?

I remember only darkness, for words are more memorable than

Abstract flashes and glimpses.

If I could remember the race, what would it be like?

Would it be as light and bright as it feels?

Or exactly as dangerous as the dark?

The only difference is between

The intentional and “accidental.”


So this is supposed to be visual, alternating long and short lines that end up the same length by the end. Hopefully that’s clear enough that this explanation is redundant, but I don’t trust it to be self-evident. I hope y’all enjoy!