Thought I’d try out a new genre, so here’s my first ever attempt at a dialogue poem! It’s certainly different than most of my writing, and somehow it doesn’t seem very poetic to me. I’m disappointed in the result; maybe I’m doing the genre wrong. Anyway, trying new things is about learning, and at least I learned I don’t like writing dialogue poetry! I hope you enjoy it more than I do.


Stop being so selfish!

I’m sorry I care for myself.

It’s not self-care, it’s just rude.

Oh, I’m rude for wanting to watch my show instead of your trash?

No, you’re rude for calling my show trash!

I’m sowee, did I hurt the cwybaby’s feewings?

I’m just trying to get you to be more considerate of others.

Why should I be?

Because selflessness is a positive character trait I guess.

Says who?

Says Society!

Well maybe that’s why everyone is so damn unhappy all the time, they                                  don’t bother considering their own feelings enough.

Isn’t making other people happier gratifying to you?

Not as gratifying as making myself happier, almost by definition.

But human society revolves around community and helping each other!

If society told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

That’s what I thought.