Effervescent Evanescence


Glass voices from the hollow shade of intimate corners,

Hope borne by your marble shoulders

Killed cleanly, drowned by Death’s perpetual river.


Your iridescent laughter from behind the columns,

Stone kisses in the swollen light made solemn

By a cracked blade flowing through porcelain skin.


Your twilight eyes full of effortless allure,

Like unattainable smoke silhouetted by stone scoured pure

By the hurried wind in this garden of winter bones.


Memories of broken dreams and departed evenings

Fade as a solitary crow hops once and takes wing,

Impregnating the silence with a single “caw!”


You left this dead love paralyzed without shape,

And me sun-drunk on bitter light at the summer cape,

But I marvel still at the stark beauty of it – your


Effervescent evanescence.