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An Open Letter about Depression

Ramblings on what I wish people knew about depression. Wish I could make it go viral!

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A flattering tribute

So someone read my post the other day (He Saw Her), and liked it so much he was inspired to write his own version of it! I read it and thought it was just phenomenal, so I hope you all... Continue Reading →

Conference Update Days 4 and 5

After nine hours of travel, I'm back home for the next few days! The conference was absolutely incredible, and after I summarize the last two days I'll tell y'all my takeaways. We began day four by finishing up our biosecurity... Continue Reading →

He Saw Her

So I'm a tad bit tipsy right now, and I'm about to write a purely¬†fictional¬†piece about my version of the epitome of trauma. I have a vague idea of what I'll write about, but otherwise it'll be a surprise to... Continue Reading →

Conference Day Three

Today was about putting what we've learned the last two days into practice. We began the day by breaking into small groups to practice creating a mock biosecurity plan for a real situation. My group was tasked with creating a... Continue Reading →


He was five when they told him not to cry So he cut that part of him out of his life And minerals filled in the space. He was ten when they told him his laugh was annoying So he... Continue Reading →

Conference Day Two

I was right, yesterday, when I said I thought the rest of the week would be about solutions and strategies instead of problem framing! Today in biosecurity, we heard from a number of subject matter experts from around the world... Continue Reading →

Dream Girl

The beeping dispersed you like smoke in the wind, and soon I was grasping at pillows. I bumped into you in a room crowded with cliches, and the memories came rushing back. I still love you, You never stopped loving... Continue Reading →

Conference Update

Today was the first day of the plant biosecurity conference I'm attending this week, and I think I learned a lot! The conference is set up in a way that encourages participation, which is great because we get to hear... Continue Reading →

Back to the Grass Less Green

When we set out, it was sunny. Though low in the sky, sunbeams peeked behind the clouds and everything felt pastoral.   Through the thicket we went, sun at our backs, filling our souls like sails Over the bouncing bridge,... Continue Reading →

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