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Sinking Ship

We're on a sinking ship, but the captains aren't going down with us. They are steering harder into the iceberg, Secure not in their certainty that the ship will survive, But that in the chaos, The crew won't notice the... Continue Reading →

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Love Remembered

He kissed her forehead, sweetly. I remember her. I remember her long, wavy hair, Soft against my nose as she pressed her forehead to my lips, Smooth skin warming my insides, Small hands laced together in the small of my... Continue Reading →

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Jagged Edges

Her father left when she was just eight. Not that it made any difference; He never paid her any mind when he was around. Not that anyone paid her any mind; Momma always tending to five younger siblings.   He'd... Continue Reading →

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Fast Lane

He left the room. He left it too soon, And with tension yet unrelieved, Taut as a steel cable Attaching him To her.   He got in the car. Slamming the door, Stomping the clutch, And throwing the lever to... Continue Reading →

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Listening to Depression’s Lies

Today I failed. I failed on numerous levels, but there's one fail I'm the least proud of. I listened to my depression's lie. First: some background. As many of you may be aware, I am currently living out of a... Continue Reading →

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Solipsistic Sonder

Solipsistic Sonder I've always understood my own cosmic insignificance; As a child I thought that each subatomic particle was a world, That Earth was just an electron in some greater atomic galaxy, That even that galaxy was just a speck... Continue Reading →

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Through Thick and Thin

Here's another poetic prose/vignette piece! The prompt was to take an idiom and bring it to life; I picked "through thick and thin" and then another one wiggled its way into the writing towards the end. I hope you enjoy!... Continue Reading →

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An Open Letter about Depression

Ramblings on what I wish people knew about depression. Wish I could make it go viral!

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Sweet Nothing (Zoloft)

He lays on the table, unable to move. Awake and aware and scared, eyes rove around the room frantically looking for something to find but there’s nothing. They open him, painlessly and wordlessly extricating, cataloging the contents of his soul.... Continue Reading →

The Great Escape

Tumbling confusedly into himself, He cannot move but he leaves the party. How did he get here? No, not here, here, But in general. Why is he in this town, with these people? Somebody is shouting something in Spanish; He understands, but... Continue Reading →

Somnambulant Sycophant

When I turn from the ambivalent night I know that my sycophant might Send apoplectic demons to fight My narcoleptic courage, Their hectic action, My mind’s septic putrefaction. Would this mess end If my rigorous discipline lessened? Like Ouroboros’s absolution... Continue Reading →

The Girl With a Dream

The empties are all around us They walk and talk like confidence But that is simply to fool us   People consumed by pettiness They care more for appearance The newest style, The coolest friends,   Love to them is... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse of a Watershed

Blue-gray morning, Draped in shadows, Nothing moving; Ghostly ocean; Step outside, crunch boots on gravel, Feel the chill, heavy silence. Look up, pale sky and stark-edged land; Look down, surreal stillness and pillowed hills of white. Clouds of silver, Sit... Continue Reading →

Deadbeat Deadlift

When I see you, I want to lift you. Hard body smooth under my rough hands, your cold accepting my heat, you make me (k)ne(a/e)d you. But your soul is heavy in my hands; I adjust my grip and strain... Continue Reading →

Atlas’ Curse

I watch from underwater, trance-like, As my fellow humans destroy our home. I watch from beneath the waves, detached, As the first world shits on the third and calls it fair.   I'm cursed with seeing life's injustices; At any... Continue Reading →

Happy Yet?

Driving through a downpour In a Texas suburb I pass Cookie cutter houses Probably with Cocoa butter hand soap; No different than the next family All controlled handily By societal expectations of happiness.   Birth - life - death, School... Continue Reading →

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